Aloooooooooha etc. Luau at the Lake 2012

This is the tiki-est time of year in the Northeast. June 21st marks the 4th Annual “Ohana, Luau at the Lake,” a celebration of the mid 20th century fad of Tiki. Tiki has a new life in the 21st Century, but of course, you knew that. Lake George is the setting and The “Tiki ” Resort is the place. 3 Days of sun, fun and many many many delicious cocktails await you… pace yourself.

Case Study House #22 aka the Stahl House is OPEN!







Speak of the Devil.  Well it’s not a very well kept secret but the Stahl House in LA is open to the public for a hefty, but gratefully obliged, entrance fee.  This is the house that started so many imaginations for so many generations.  In the film, Visual Acoustics, the filmakers visit with the then very elderly Stahl Family.  They lived there until the very end.  Wouldn’t you?  Now, it time to party, for a price.


You have made contact with the mothership… Sure the other orbs have shiney objects and Danish dodads, but none have the the shear obtuse selection of vintage furnishings, vintage electronics and computers, toys, cars, houses and the obligitory, “what not.”  I created Palm Springs!  There, I said it.  Remember…mothership, shiney, vintage, Palm Springs; feel safe and buy my stuff.  I live (and love) it.